Oooh la la! Fly with us as we say Bonjour 30 in this chicest Paris-travel theme!

Equipped with gold and blush pink, this theme is sure to send your guests to a Paris wonderland! Explore the Eiffel Tower, dine in French cuisines and indulge in the city of style and fashion in your very own living room! This Bonjour 30 Party Kit is now available at our Party Supplies! Prep for a truly stylish and elegant party now! Now available as Digital PDF Printables and as a Printed Package!

Dim the lights, and indulge in an Eiffel Tower light display overlooking the food. Food with a view 😉
Here’a a closer look at the details of the cake table.. it has chocolate, cake, more chocolates and flowers – what more can we ask for?















Baguette anyone? Oui! No one’s leaving with an empty stomach here! Because you’re going to have a Parisian theme, expect french food! Caviar, please!

Snacks in every corner! Macaroons, cheese cupcakes, and chiffon cakes all by Lucia’s!

Cupcakes anyone? These delectable homemade cupcakes by Lucia’s are not only pretty, but so soft and rich in flavour! They make for a the perfect dessert!

Ending the party with these charming giveaways is a great way to end the day on a high note! 😉