“If I had to live again, I would do exactly the same thing. Of course I have regrets, but if you are 60 years old and you have no regrets then you haven’t lived.” – Christy Moore


Inspired by the rare, though thoroughly delightful cool breeze in December, we transformed Emma’s living room into a Winter Wonderland for mama’s 60th.

Starting off with the digital invitation card, we wanted wanted a clean yet refreshing look to match the interior set up. To avoid the Frozen theme, we stayed away from Elsa’s blue and made pink snowflakes, much to Lana’s delight.

With a variety of snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, the place sparkled with blinking pink and blue lights, creating a very magical atmosphere. The cake table lit up with cake and cupcakes galore and delicious catering by Baytooti. As the birthday went till evening, snacks was necessary.

Healthy snacks, of course. With maybe a few sprinkles of marshmallows and chocolate, and perhaps hot cocoa. I mean, it is Winter. We can’t possibly not have hot cocoa in Winter!


The day started with a beautiful, touching greeting on the projector from family and friends  that couldn’t be with mama on her special day, with our Lana kicking it off with a sweet song. There weren’t any dry eyes as she softly sang Carol Banawa’s Iingatan Ka. The mood quickly escalated, however, with the karaoke bar and games. There was just no stopping mama and her guests from having a fun night!

Photo Booth props are absolutely mandatory. A frame on the wall was quickly filled up as mama’s guests lined to take a polaroid picture with a post-it message for mom. It truly warmed mama’s heart, and the memories will forever be cherished.

Because we love chocolates — who doesn’t?! — our giveaways were a variety of mini chocolates for the sweet tooth!

Because for mama, we only give the best. <3