When one of our own is expecting, you know you can smell a party brewing!

Emma was expecting in 2015, just about the time we were considering officially setting up Iris Events. Though we have been setting up events long before, it was just during that year that we decided to make it an official business. This event will always be one of the most memorable ones to us, as it not only signified another beautiful addition to our family, it also marked the beginning of Iris’s journey.

For her baby shower, a cosy intimate yet elegant tea time party surrounded with family and close friends was exactly what she wanted. So we chose the perfect venue for the theme, Paul. And 2 weeks before the event, we sent out the digital invitation.

Served with mini croissants and a variety of finger sandwiches, the guests fill their appetite at the buffet table.


Like with most restaurants, there are certain restrictions for every event planner. Tapes and any adhesive were not allowed, so we had to improvise.

Balloons planted in every corner gave the place life and colour along with the tea pot centre pieces. Soft pink and white hues created a wonderful contrast between the heavily decorated walls of the venue. And it created just the right mix of delicate and sophistication. Though we had to let go of the bunting and banners, the use of roll up banners instead to welcome our guests worked just as well!


From tea cup giveaways topped with mama’s heavenly triple chocolate brownies to gifts for the games, we’ve got it covered! Let’s not forget the handmade guestbook tailored to the theme! It not only made the guests share a lovely dedication to baby and mom, but they had fun and creative while doing so!



One of the games that got out the most laughs was name game. Every guest was given a name tag as soon as they came, and were asked to choose a name they liked. For the rest of the evening, every one should only call her by her chosen name. A penalty goes to the jar labeled “Saving up for the Baby”. Along with a whole lot of laughter, we managed to pool at least SR100!


And while we wait for the games to begin, these activity sheets are placed on every plate for entertainment. Don’t want our guests getting bored!

The evening couldn’t have been any more delightful, and our little host made it all the more magical,  who is now the greatest big sister to baby Ara.