Shakespeare wrote, “Parting is such sweet sorrow”.  And he’s probably right.

Last minute events are usually the craziest and most intense 24 hours of our lives.

In the midst of the hectic days to follow, helping Anne pack and finish of her to-do list before she headed off for her Masters back in 2014, we threw a bon voyage lunch in her honour. Finding the right time that suited all those dear to her while secretly trying to plan and execute the party in our home where she also happened to live was a tad bit tricky.  However, we managed to surprise her and was extremely touched and overjoyed to have everyone make it.

Set in our home in Jeddah, we set up an exclusive table filled with a variety of food that would have kept anybody with a stomach full for an entire week. Safe to say, no one left home with a flat stomach! And no one was short of well wishes and hugs to Anne, who was never without a smile.

To match the interior of the salon, we arranged the dessert table with bright fancy table linens to complement the ocean-view facing the tables.

In the end, it was a lovely gathering overflowing with warm memories and anecdotes shared throughout the day.