For Ara’s  1st birthday, we’ve lined up all the cutest woodland creatures!

Starting with the invitation card to the thank you tags for the yummiest giveaway treats, we’re all geared up for the sweetest birthday party yet! Put on these floral deer headbands ’cause we’re up for an adventure!

Le Concheur offers a beautiful venue for parties. The gold touch go wonderfully with our woodland creature theme, not to mention the chocolate-making service they offer! A perfect activity for the kids to enjoy! (And to snack on! Bring on the toothpaste!)

Decorated with soft green and pink balloons, Ara’s guests are welcomed by the friendliest animals in the woods! Join us as we tour you to Ara’s magical woodland party!

What’s a party without snacks! From finger sandwiches to popcorn and cupcakes, our bellies are happy!


This lovely backdrop has guests  lining up for pictures! And of course, our proud big sister is the first in line! It isn’t only a great souvenir with the birthday girl, but it marks for an adorable decoration!

While the kids wait to make their own chocolate, they get to make their own woodland animal mask (And Tic Tac Toe! Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of Tic Tac Toe?)! And quite entertained. They not only get delicious chocolate and woodland creature cookies, but they get lots of goody treats to take with them! And we’ve also got the adults covered – glass container stuffed with yummy mini, wait for it, chocolates!


First birthdays are truly magical, and this woodland themed birthday party was just the perfect fit for our brave little adventurer!