The ocean is calling! Our Baby Moana theme is now available as a Party In A Box Package!

It can’t get any cuter than this!

Start it off with this adorable Baby Moana  invitation card.

Dress your little one with this charming outfit for the birthday girl.

Party decorations are never really complete without a birthday banner!

Grab our Party In A Box for a complete cake table set up!

Have everything customised to the tiniest detail.

These beach bucket giveaways are so well suited for the theme!

Cupcake toppers

Kids table set up in school for our little Ara! Wherever you plan your party, make sure it’s done right  😉 And with our Party In A Box, it can’t get any simpler!

Happy Birthday Ara!

  • Code Number: A-19030
  • Item: Baby Moana
  • Delivery: Domestic & International Shipment

For the list of deliverables and package options available for this theme, please contact us below.