Favourite princess? That’s easy. Rapunzel, of course! So you can guess what the theme to Lana’s 7th birthday was. Let’s say it was easily predictable.

Starting off with this personalised Tangled: The Series invitation card and a digital reminder with the agenda all in place. Now the only thing left? The party.

Can’t have a birthday without a personalised poster! It’s the perfect souvenir and serves the perfect reminder of a beautiful memory.

Toys Lab was an ideal venue for its beautiful hanging ceiling lights. The gave the impression of the night sky filled with floating lanterns.

So for the basics: cake table, dinner table, snack table, mom’s area and the activity area. And we wouldn’t be Iris if we didn’t excruciatingly personalise every single item every used on the planet. Here’s a closer look at the setup.


Deliciousness in every corner of the room, from finger sandwiches and fruits to snack on to sugary delights like cotton candy, chocolate fountain and marshmallows! (Well, it is a party after all, sugar is a must!)

Rapunzel themed cake pops, and customised chocolate wrappers fill the cake table, and those beautiful and so-delicious cookies planted as sun and tower plants. Balloon towers on each side of the cake table further add to the grandeur that is Corona, Rapunzel’s home. 


Party hats, popcorn, juice, we’re almost set. Almost.


And a cosy secluded seating area for moms that has a delightful view of the party as they comfortably sit and watch the show. Not to mention, food at arms length! And how can one be at ease without sofas? Transforming the moms area to a guest salon to make sure everyone has a great night!

Now for the fun!

Lots of crafts and painting as our beloved princess loves all things art (Yes, Rapunzel too). And that includes, face painting, painting on the wall, roses, butterflies and flowers. And a little Zumba to wake up for some exercise, and a lot of treats from the piñata!


And with all this excitement, one paint brush just isn’t enough! (Ara knows what I mean ;))


Now who didn’t get hungry after all that? Bring the pizza and the keep the movie rolling please!


Is it cake time yet?

And if it’s not on Snapchat, it never happened.

It’s not a party without party favours! Some paints and canvases for the kids to take home!

Happy 7th Lu! <3