Our favourite fairy flies over sprinkling pixie dust as we set sail for one enchanting birthday celebration!  Lana turns 5 and all we needed was faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust!

Aboard mateys as we voyage this magical celebration, grab your scrolls and join in the fun!


Welcome to Lana’s Pixie Hollow! These little signs were not just for decorations, though they sure did added a wonderful touch, they were part of the treasure hunt! And the prize? Chocolate Gold Doubloons, of course!

And in case the kids get tired from all the jumping, running and games, we’re got treats! Popcorn, cotton candy, cupcakes, brownies — basically any sweet treat you can think of! After all, it is a birthday!


And what’s a Tinker Bell party without some magic?

Piñata? And check!


And if that wasn’t enough, the kids soared across the garden racing!

Tinker Bell giveaway bags customised for both older kids and younger kids, while our pirates enjoy good bags from Jake and the Neverland Pirates!