All you need is a little bit of faith, trust and pixie dust.

Sisters Loula and Salma are our favourite duo-fairies yet! Having one great magical birthday party for both sisters, it is only fit we have a powerful sister duo as a theme! And who better than Periwinkle and Tinker Bell from the movie Tinker Bell and The Secret of the Wings.

Let’s start of with these elegantly enchanting invitation cards and reminder! Now who wouldn’t want to fly over?

Fairy wings greet our little guests as they enter the gate while pirate hats and swords welcome our wee pirates!

Welcome to Loula and Salma’s Pixie Hollow!

One of our biggest aim was to make sure neither Periwinkle nor Tinker Bell theme took over the other. So we decided for a third colour, lilac for classic, elegant touch along with golden hues used for pixie dust.

Fairy lights hang across the garden for a more magical effect while we surround it with floral balloons and huge Tinker Bella and Periwinkle cutouts. We’ve got cupcakes, cake, lollipops, fruits, mini sandwiches, brownies, chips and cookies! We’ve set up the sweetest cake table ever!


In addition, we set up a comfortable setting area for moms so they can watch the kids as they join in the fun. There was a magic show and lots of activities our little guests could do catered for Loula’s age and Salma’s young age.

One of our personal fave is this creative use of different materials to make a fairy and pirate character!

And how cute are they in their matching fairy costumes and head pieces? The girls sure loved them!

Happy birthday to these adorable fairies! May the years bring more magical adventures!